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Closing this account down

I will no longer be posting icons to this account, as I don't post frequently enough anymore to merit a separate account. Please tune in to my main journal, tiptoe39, and particularly the lj icons tag, for more icons.

The roster: Supernatural x 50
25 x 6x12
25 x 6x13

potential spoilers from both

The rules: Take, no need to credit, but please do comment

Credits: true_fellings for 6x12, anastdean for 6x13. Many thanks to both!


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Sunday evening icon dump: HBIC edition

The roster:
60 x Supernatural
(30 from 6x08 and 6x09; 30 from 6x10 and 6x11. All mushed together.)

The rules:
Go ahead and take, no credit required, but please do comment!


Empathy, Sam, empathy!Collapse )
The roster:

50 x Supernatural
(25 from 6x06, "You Can't Handle the Truth"
25 from 6x07, "Family Matters")

The rules:
I'm no bitch. Take without credit. But please do comment.


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Saturday afternoon icon dump: balls & fangs edition

The roster:
46 x Supernatural
(15 x Weekend at Bobby's
31 x Live Free or Twihard)

The rules:
Take without credit; comments are love


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Mmmmmm. Episode last night. Mmmm. Yeah. Happy. HAPPY. Picking non-spoilery icons was tough. But the featured character in last night's episode is well-represented within, I promise. Plus some bonuses from previous episodes that I never uploaded.)

The roster:
Supernatural x 56
(1-35: 6x03, "The Third Man" (caps by ina_ami, thank you very much!)
36-37: 5x14, "My Bloody Valentine"
38-56: 2x15, "Tall Tales," and 4x9, "I Know What You Did Last Summer" (not sure which is which))

The rules:
Feel free to take and use without credit, but make me happy and comment!


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Enjoying the new season of Supernatural. I really loved making these icons. Thinking about going back and doing previous ones, it was so much fun. If you like these and there's an ep you'd like me to tackle please let me know! Also, I'm in love with Irfanview's batch conversion tool. <3 <3 <3 But that's neither here nor there.

Caps from rawr_caps!!

The roster:
Supernatural x 38 (all from 6x02, Two and a Half Men)

The rules:
Take my babies, please. Give them good homes. No credit is necessary, but please comment if y'all don't mind <3


Take good care of my baaaaa-by...Collapse )

The roster:
1-7 Alona Tal
8-15 Matt Cohen
16-30 Misha Collins

The credits:
Photos by Kayleigh Butler. Iconned with permission.

If you would like me to make more from this photoset or from others, the best thing you can do is COMMENT! Otherwise I'll lose interest and wander away b/c I'm shallow. ^o^ *really wants excuse to make katherine boecher icons*


You were wondering? You're not now?Collapse )
I saw the beautiful picspam by isaysir and immediately had to icon it (with permission of course).

The roster:
Supernatural x 16 (1 Dean, 15 Castiel)

The rules:
No rules, take w/out credit, but I do enjoy comments..


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Icon dump: Snowed-in saturday edition

Icon dump: Snowed-in saturday edition

Haven't been regularly making icons but am getting more into it again. Here are some Heroes bases and some Fringe and Supernatural icons.

The roster:
Supernatural x 21
Fringe x 16
Heroes x 14

The rules: Feel free to pull a snow job on me. No credit necessary. But comments are love.


Oh, the weather outside is frightful...Collapse )

Fringe caps (2x15): inadream_caps
Supernatural caps (2x13): sky_angel22
Supernatural caps (other): Oxoniensis and Home of the Nutty and original caps
Heroes and Fringe caps (other): original

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